Friday, October 12, 2012

Ash's Swear Words

Funny to hear the swear words (!) that Ashwath uses when he is in rage:

  • amma poya: meaning, 'mom go away'; Guess it translates to 'Go to hell!'?
  • onnum venaam: meaning, 'nothing needed'; translates to 'Don't bug me!'?
  • azhu moonji appa: meaning, 'crybaby dad'; Guess there is not much to translate...
  • amma kulika poya: meaning, 'go take bath'; translates to 'Don't show your face to me. Get away.'
  • appa shave pannanum: meaning, 'dad, go n shave'; again translates to 'Don't show your face to me. Get away.'

I can figure that the bathe and shave is not literal, because he uses the swear phrase, with everyone: avva shave pannanum, amma shave pannanum, etc... And when gets really angry, he puts so much emphasis on the first syllable of the word 'po'ya that he literally sings a song, appa poooya! :-)

I am wondering how the expression of anger through words happens at such an early age! 

And the longer we keep the habit, the harder it gets to overcome it... I am learning a little late in life; but at least happy that I am learning!

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