Wednesday, February 13, 2013

List of threats

Ash will soon become a pre-schooler and as his age increases, so does his various ways of experimenting with the laws of physics such as gravitation, balance, and cause and effect. That said, there is an increased necessity of imposing restriction on his actions to prevent the chances of an accident, and to bring in some discipline. With corporal punishment just not working and combined with it, the guilt feeling that arises in me for hurting him both mentally and physically, what is working these days are the different kinds of threats for each type of mischief.

These are the list of threats that seem to be working with Ash these days...

Case 1: For things as simple as drinking water or eating something (of course, only with eatables that he likes), even after calling him twice or thrice, he does not seem to be heeding.

What works: Now, his dad or someone must just say, 'don't give it to Ashwath, give it to me', and then the next second he does it.

Case 2: For washing hands after eating (especially when Mickey is going on), or acts of mischief such as jumping over from chair to sofa; of course warnings such as, 'Ashwath, don't do that; you will fall and hurt yourself,' never causes an iota of change in his mindset.

What works: Threats such as, 'continue doing so, just you wait, I am going to put you in a hostel', and immediately he says, 'hostel number podadheenga', which translates to 'please don't call the hostel number'. Following that, I also make sure that he is aware that no one would help him in a hostel and he has to do things all by himself. I am just wondering when he will get to know on how admissions in a residential school happens!

Case 3: For discipline issues such as not willing to close his eyes even after 15 minutes of going to sleep, and even after telling him a mickey story, and even after telling him that I am feeling super sleepy, he refuses to close his eyes and mouth.

What works: Here comes the 'koney man' (which translates to 'Sack man') to put you in a sack and take you away. And then he responds with 'amma shoo sollidunga (shoo him away)'. After I say, 'hey koney man, go away, Ashwath will sleep now', he then stops all his mischief and goes to sleep.

Earlier on, the countdown worked; however, now he seems to top it with, 'amma happy-a irunthu 1-2-3 sollunga', which translates to 'mom, be happy (i.e., don't be angry) and count 1-2-3'. And then, anyways, no heeding eventually!