Friday, August 24, 2012

Acts of Awesomeness

The other day, Ashwath (2.5 yrs) was lying down in his nightclothes listening to one of the songs from Engeyum Eppodum from my SE Cedar (a low-end phone to save it from the physical brutalities of Ash); it was either Govinda or Sota Sota. He was dabbling with it and mimicking actions like those that you do on a tablet device--actions such as sliding on the screen to move to the next photo, or pinching it to zoom out (or drawing the fingers apart to zoom in). The only thing that I could sense was that my eyes stopped blinking and I could not even feel my heart beat!

About a month ago, he was at his cousin's place and he was being shown the pictures of a recent vacation on an iPad, and apparently he has picked it up from there. 

It was sheer serendipity that I chanced upon him doing this and I am happy I had this opportunity. I just loved those moments which has till now held me in such awe! I am just wondering about the level of retentiveness and the mind to apply it to the right genre of devices, from what he saw long ago! I mean, he has been playing around with this phone for about a year and though the slide-pinch concept was not introduced or associated with this phone since the time of its introduction to him, he had the thought to associate the concept with my phone. Just wondering...

I am not sure though if I am just being a proud mom and maybe any other kid would tend to act in a similar way that Ash does. 

I think this awe-and-pride feeling in a parent comes from these facts: that the kid who was dependent on you even for bare essentials as feeding and voiding, is now able to turn over, sit, crawl, stand, walk and talk all in just a span of two years, at an exponential pace. And of course, the 'pride' feel arises from the fact that such an awe behavior is exhibited by something that has come from you.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012